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Brooklyn College Science & Technology Entry Program

About Us

The Brooklyn College Science and Technology Entry Program (BCSTEP) is funded by the New York State Education Department. Its aim is to increase the number of historically underrepresented/economically disadvantaged students entering college, and to expand their participation in mathematics, the sciences, technology, health-related fields, and the licensed professions.

BCSTEP integrates 7th - 12th grade science and math education with academic support, enrichment activities and academic and career counseling.

Mission and Goals

This program's mission is to assist students in mastering basic high school science and mathematics requirements in order to succeed in Advanced Placement (AP) courses, graduate, and matriculate into college. Our focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) will allow students to develop intellectual, technical, and critical skills that may inspire them to pursue a career in a STEM-targeted field.

Step Wise Progress

To achieve our objectives, BCSTEP provides our students with support throughout the academic year by offering tutoring in math and sciences. Students also have the opportunity to enrich their academic experience further via field trips, college tours, lab research, and experiential summer classes.


Underrepresented minority and financially disadvantaged students (defined here), who have demonstrated skills or interest in the sciences and/or maths and are attending one of the BCSTEP partnering high schools will be considered as applicants. Participation in this program is FREE.

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